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With the new MoSync 2.7 Pyramid release, developers can combine HTML5 with high performance C/C++ code within a single cross-platform application, accessing all the device features on iPhone, Android and other smartphones

Best of two worlds
MO Sync's new Wormhole technology connects web technologies to native device features and powerful low-level libraries in both directions. It allows developers to freely blend HTML5 with high performance C/C++ code within a single application, enabling compelling applications and user interfaces not possible before. Now, a development team can consist of a web expert and a native developer working together using a single, integrated open source solution.

With the latest release, MoSync reaches out to millions of web developers that wants to go mobile without sacrificing the look-and-feel end-users are accustomed to from fast and fully feature applications built with native tools.

"Making HTML5/Native apps with MoSync makes development very flexible. You can mix and match pretty much any way you want" says Patrick Broman, Head of Architecture and Evangelist at MoSync AB.

Strategy for cross-platform development
Mobile developers who want to create applications concurrently for several mobile platform need a cross platform strategy, for keeping control of costs involved with multiple teams, multiple code bases to maintain as well as for shortening time-to-market. Until today, strategies for cross platform meant either HTML5 apps with limited functionality and access to device features or going native with multiple teams, an array of tools and complex building process. With MoSync mobile developers no longer need to make that choice, and can create fully featured applications either in HTML5 or C/C++ or a combination of both.



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Product Details

Rating: 0
Ranking in Development Software: 348
License: Free
File size: 155.00 MB
Version: 2.7
Last updated: 21/10/2011
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Symbian, MS-DOS, Mac, More...
Languages: English
Developer: MoSync AB
Download count (English): 34
Download count (Worldwide): 173